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The Parralux Process

The process of creating a video from concept to completion consists of three phases: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. 


At Parralux, our job is to help you navigate the production process and deliver stories that connect with your audience.  Whether it's highlighting your corporate priorities or branding your product, we can help.

Here's a quick breakdown: Phase One: Pre-Production - all the planning & coordination happens. Phase Two: Production - we capture all the elements that will be in your video. and Phase Three: Post-Production is where all the elements come together, effects are added and visual "sweetening" occurs.

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The most important of the three and the most underrated. Pre-production is where your project is conceptualized and budgeted. From the pre-production stage comes the script, shot list, equipment needed, duration of shoot, locations, technical and talent requirements.

Pre-production and proper planning of a shoot can save thousands of dollars by eliminating unnecessary costs. Shooting outdoors using natural light, as opposed to indoors where lighting gear and crew are required. This is only one of many ways dollars can be saved with accurate and smart pre-production options.

  • Video strategy & goals

  • Budget & project scope

  • Story selection

  • Project timeline

  • Script writing

  • Casting of talent/characters

  • Production team & equipment determined

  • Location Scouting


The meetings are over, the preparation is complete. Now, it's time to execute the vision. The production phase is where we capture all the footage for your project. It's the part where the story begins to come to life.

All the raw materials for your video will be captured during the production phase. If you have specific visions, ideas, or visuals that you want to be included in the final product, be sure that you have clearly communicated that with your producer - sooner rather than later.


This phase includes:

  • Setting up the lighting/video equipment

  • Conducting interviews

  • Recording voice overs (if necessary)

  • Capturing B-Roll


After the production phase is finished, the producer and editor go to work. During the post-production phase, the Parralux team will begin the process to organize, plan, and edit the actual video.


This involves digging through all the video footage and assembling it in accordance with the script. Graphics, music, sound effects, and visual effects are crafted and added, along with color correction, audio sweetening, and sound design.

The production phase includes:

  • Logging the interviews

  • Producing the final story

  • Video editing

  • Music selection

  • Reviews/approvals

  • Final Delivery

Producing high-quality professional video takes an experienced team, solid pre-production strategies, and project management skills, a tried-and-tested production process, and a quality assurance system. All of these combined efforts will result in a video that matches your brand, meets your objectives, and exceeds your expectations.

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