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Consider Us a Branch of Your Marketing Dept.

Parralux is a suburban Philadelphia video production company serving Lancaster, Wilmington and Allentown, PA.


Whether it's a long-form video highlighting your corporate priorities or televisions commercial featuring your brand, our goal is to tell stories that connect with your audience. 

Corporate video production is a smart way to grow your bottom line. Undoubtedly, you've watched a video to gain information about a product you were interested in. In fact, 4 times as many consumers prefer to watch a video about a product versus read about it.

Don’t miss out on potential clients because your competitors are making their brand more memorable for clients. If you’re still unconvinced that corporate video production is the key to jump-starting your marketing, keep reading. Let’s talk about 10 compelling benefits of corporate video production — and what each benefit means for your business.

The 10 Benefits of Corporate Video Production

These points will highlight why corporate video production is an ultimate marketing tool… and tell you what it can mean for your company.

1. It Gets More Traffic

Believe it or not, videos account for two-thirds of all internet traffic. What does that mean for your business? It means if you aren’t using corporate video production, you are losing out on A TON of potential client traffic. Read the stat like this: if you have a video on your website, it means you are 75% more likely to get traffic. More traffic means more sales. That’s worth the investment.


2. It Will Get Shared More

You can say sayonara to getting shares if you aren’t including images with your online content. A video is 7x more likely to get shared than a link on Facebook. Think about your favorite commercial and why you made your friends watch it. People want to share a message that invoked an emotional response in them, in hopes it will inspire others too. What does this mean for a company? It boils down to getting their brand name out there. It’s a lot more likely to happen when there’s a video.


3. It Gets Better SEO Rankings

Utilizing corporate video production means you show up in search engines more than companies who don’t. Google is the go-to hub for online research. When they introduced “Universal Search” back in 2007, it meant videos started to rank in search results. People no longer had to dig to find a video pertaining to their request. Make sure your customers are able to find you — and get ahead of your competitors — by having a video on your site.


4. It Creates More Brand Awareness

Everyone can attest to this statement’s truth — videos can create strong emotional response and feeling. Whether it’s happiness, laughter, shock, or something else, videos have an ability unlike any other to create an emotional response. Engage your target client by invoking powerful emotions with corporate video production. Your message will have a longer lasting, stronger impression than if you just let them read words. And making a strong memorable impression is vital to brand awareness.


5. It Converts “Maybes” into “Yes” Clients

The objective of any marketing is to convert clients. Video does this… powerfully. In fact, according to a case study, if you have a video on your landing page you’re 80% more likely to convert traffic to clients. Eighty. Percent. The simple strategy of having a video produced for your company and putting it on your site’s landing page can almost double your client conversion rate. The message is clear — let corporate video production win clients for you.


6.  It Has Great Return on Investment

Certain things are worth spending your company’s valuable budget on. Corporate video production is one of them. Asking how much video production costs is irrelevant if you don’t consider what it will get you in return. Video delivers on your investment. The majority of businesses will tell you that corporate video production has a great return on ROI… Besides, so many businesses wouldn’t be hopping on the bandwagon if it wasn’t generating revenue.


7. It Caters to the Mobile World

The number of videos being watched on mobile devices continues to rise each year. A few years ago, it had an annual increase of 400%! As more and more people carry a smartphone in their pocket, this means more videos regularly being watched. Make sure your company has one for them feast their eyes on.


8. It Explains Things Better

Having a corporate video production is a great way to explain your company’s objective to your clients. You can think of several times you’ve watched a video to understand more about a product you were interested in. Almost everyone can! 98% of people asked admitted to having watched an explainer video. The platform of video allows for a clear and concise message to be sent through engaging images, sounds, and words. It’s basically a marketing triple threat.


9. It Gives an Opportunity for Strong Call to Action

The powerful emotion and clear message that a video sends can increase the chances of your reader following through on a call to action. The call to action is buying your product! You are more likely to inspire your readers and generate leads with corporate video production than with less motivational marketing.


10. It’s Creative and Fun!

This point can’t be ignored because it’s part of what makes corporate video production so unique. There are endless possibilities when it comes to conveying your businesses brand. Is your company trendy? Funny? Sustainable? Sending a message targeted specifically to your premium potential client has never been easier than it is with corporate video production.

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