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Explaining an Explainer Video

An explainer video is  a short video that businesses use to quickly introduce themselves, explain what they do, and tell how they can help solve their customer's problems. Explainer videos can be used to: describe the details of a new product, explain the services of your business, and communicate an idea or message to your customers.

Many businesses can have a difficult time expressing what it is they do in a way that potential customers can easily comprehend. When a web user visits a business’s website, how often does he or she leave it with a genuine idea of what the services the company provides are? This is where animated video comes in. By harnessing both the visual and auditory senses together, animated explainer videos increase retention rates and clarify their value proposition in a succinct way.

A good explainer video will:

Explain your business idea in just a matter of seconds

Explainer videos are great to explain your business idea in just a few seconds, they work perfectly to quickly grab your audience's attention. By placing an explainer video above the fold in your homepage, you could increase the average visit time by 2 minutes!

Boost your online visibility

Hence, if you make your visitors stay longer on your page, it is widely appreciated by Google (or any other search engine), considering it as of interest and will rank it higher. Also, video content gives you the opportunity to be on YouTube, the 2nd largest engine and the 3rd largest social networking site on the web.

Increase conversions

Explainer videos are very catchy, appealing and compelling, and they encourage people to keep on watching. People can understand what you do in a fast, simple, informative and fun way. This is very important to start growing your conversion rates. Just for you to have an idea, an explainer video can grow conversions by 20% on average!

Create brand awareness

If you apply the colors of your brand to the background and landscape of your video, the viewers will know that your company is the one behind that proposal. Additionally, if you customize the characters of the video based on your target audience's style, look, age, etc. you'll generate a strong emotional bond with them. All of this helps a lot to build brand awareness and drive trust towards your company.

Build trust and credibility


To earn the trust of your customer, you need to engage with them. They need to feel that you have made an effort to reach out to them. Nothing is more engaging than a killer explainer video to show the customer that you have taken the effort to explain things to them

If you think about the main features of these videos, you can see that they can help you through every stage of the sales funnel: awareness, consideration and decision. Take advantage of a great cost-effective marketing tool, contact Parralux about your next video.

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