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Aerial Video and Photography

A drone, in technological terms, is an unmanned aircraft... a flying robot that can be remotely controlled. It can be a simple machine like a toy quadcopter or a complex, high-tech deterrent patrolling the skies above war zones. But in the hands of a skilled operator with the right equipment, a drone can be a powerful & practical storytelling tool.

The Sky's (No Longer) the Limit

At Parralux, we have the experience and skill to bring your project to new heights. Our FAA licensed pilot and camera operators are uniquely positioned to capture aerial photos & footage at a price point that was never before possible. 

Whether it's a real estate listing, an active construction site, or a corporate campus, there's always a story to be told. We just provide the tools and perspective to help you tell it.

Read more about the benefits tailored to your industry: 

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Benefits of Drones and Aerial Footage for Realtors

You stand out in the industry
Drone photos and videos capture a new perspective of the properties you list which can ultimately get your listing more attention. While drone photography is being used more, most real estate agents are still not utilizing it. This gives you the advantage to set yourself apart from other agents and listings. This will likely make you more memorable with sellers.


Gives a better view of the property
The aerial shots from a drone gives a more spacious view of the property being sold. Drone photography allows you to not only show the home itself but also gives a view of the neighborhood and surrounding areas. This allows you to showcase what is near the home which can make the home more appealing. Standard photography will not be able to give you the same understanding of the property like a drone.

Flexibility of video
You don’t have to rely on just the standard still images when using drone photography. Drone operators allow you to include videos with your listing as well. You can give potential buyers a video tour of the property inside and out as well as the surrounding area. More and more home buyers rely on video to gather information about the property and neighborhood.


Utilized over multiple platforms
Social media is one area of your marketing plan you might be neglecting. With advancement in social sharing and social media, having aerial photos and videos of your listing can get you additional attention. Drone images or video can be easily shared on social media platforms as well as MLS. Don’t forget, content is king on social media!


Better inform potential buyers
The more a buyer knows about a property, the more likely they are to look at the property in person. Using drone photography and video allows you to provide more information to interested home buyers. When you better educate the buyer on the home and the surrounding area, you can build much more interest in the property.

Benefits of Drones and Aerial Footage for Construction

Reduce Safety Risks

When managers are concerned with safety issues, the old way of doing things was to walk around the site and take a look. It seems sensible, because a human pair of eyes and ears on the floor will be able to quickly recognize any problems with safety. Drones can help reduce the risk of worker injury as the photographs and videos help everyone see what’s going on at the site. Preventable issues like shallow excavations, unstable structures, equipment placements or worker safety become that much easier to anticipate. In the end, the result is a much safer construction site and less financial exposure to the project and the firm.

More Cost-Effective Construction Marketing

Photos and videos do the best job of showcasing projects, and many contractors opt for progress photos or aerial pictures shot from helicopters or planes to make the most impact. These have their own drawbacks, such as quality, expense, flexibility, time, and safety. Drones, however, are affordable imaging platforms that address all those concerns. In addition to their use as surveying tools, drones can also work wonders for construction marketing projects. For example, a developer who wants to visually demonstrate how a proposed project will be laid out can use the unique, overhead view only a drone can capture.

Pictures sell. Your marketing will improve dramatically if you can add aerial photos to your website, brochures, and social media accounts. Owners are thrilled to see progress photos of their projects. This is a fantastic way to cost effectively share weekly or monthly progress reports with all the stakeholder.

Monitor Construction Progress

When new technology comes along, it’s tempting to discount it as just another shiny new toy. But drone photography is a practical way to solve old problems, such as the challenge of monitoring construction progress.

It is challenging to capture the photos week after week with the same view, location or altitude. Drones solve these problems with easy to repeat flights each week so that your progress photos and reports always look consistent and capture the key information you need. Eliminating variances in this process drives productivity and lowers costs.

By identifying any phase of the project that is getting delayed and monitoring your job sites, you will have the project intelligence to proactively take steps that will reduce rework that will negatively impact cost and schedule. The more information you have at your fingertips, the more control you have over your project ultimately.

Improved Communication

As anyone in the construction industry knows, communication is everything. With so many different types of contractors coming in and out, site condition changes, weather changes, and more, it becomes vital to keep an eye on the big picture. And drone photographs provide that big picture view.

The aerial view gives the team a different, valuable perspective. Supervisors can sit down with a high-resolution drone map and quickly catch or anticipate any site access issues, potential drainage problems, or threats to health and safety. Then they can more effectively communicate with their team about site issues and resolve them.

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